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2v2 Arena Carry WoW Shadowlands (SL) Boost
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2v2 Arena Rating Boost

2v2 Arena one the most popular ways to PvP in Shadowlands, and with the introduction Gear Upgrading and the Great Vault, it's a good way to get some gear on a fresh character. Our players have years of experience PvPing in 2v2 Arena, and have achieved not only the Gladiator Title, but also were in the top 0.1% of players at the end of multiple Arena seasons. They're more than capable of helping you get some rating in the 2v2 Arena bracket, learn the strengths and weaknesses of your class, and teach you a few things along the way. At certain Rating  Breakpoints you will be able to upgrade your gear to a higher item level. With our 2v2 PvP Arena wow boost service we will provide you the chance to group with some of the most skilled players in the game to boost your arena rating in 2v2. Purchase your WoW 2v2 arena carry today with the professionals at Simple Carry. The #1 PvE/PvP Boosting service on the market.


Item Level (PvE) Item Level (PvP)
0 220 233
1400 226 239
1600 233 246
1800 239 252
2100 246 259
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