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Don't wait weeks to get carries from other services. Get your carry TODAY with Simple Carry! The fastest, safest and most efficient PvE/PvP carry service on the market.

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With our WoW BFA PvP services we will carry/boost your character to the desired Arena Rating. These ratings provide different season-based rewards such as transmogrification sets as well as tabards, cloaks and in some cases mounts! It's a great way to stand out in front of your friends or enemies as a truly elite player. 

  • Elite Armor Transmog (0-1800) - Unlocks the Elite transmogrification set for your armor type. $45USD/Hour in 2v2 and $75USD/Hour in 3v3.
  • PvP Weapon Enchant / Cloak (1800-2100) - Unlocks the exclusive PvP illusion for your character and the transmoggable PvP cloak. $60USD/Hour in 2v2 and $90USD/Hour in 3v3.
  • Gladiator (PvP Tabard / Mount) (2100-2400 + 50 Wins) - Unlocks the season's gladiator mount and tabard. Also rewards the Gladiator title for the remainder of the current season. $100USD/Hour in 3v3.
  • Weekly Conquest Cap - We will help you reach your weekly conquest cap (500 conquest) by doing arena. This rewards a piece of loot in your PvP cache similar to the Mythic + cache based on your highest rating earned the previous reset.

Note: Our Arena Carry's are Self-Played. You are basically renting out our Rank 1 Gladiator's to assist you with getting the rating you desire. If more time is needed to achieve your desired rating, you should purchase another hour. It's a "pay as you go" process. No rating is 100% guaranteed as your personal skill will factor in.


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