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Normal & Heroic Eternal Palace

We will carry your character through the WoW BFA raid "The Eternal Palace" on Normal or Heroic difficulty depending on your purchase. You play your own character and tag along with the pros. The loot is always Personal due to the changes made in BFA making it a simple and streamlined process to get your gear. The wait time is usually 12 hours or less to get started.

  • Epic PvE Package - We will run you through 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace (Standard PL) as well as a Weekly M+ 10.
  • 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace Standard PL - Rewards 430+ ilvl loot. We will run you through 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace giving you a chance at getting loot from each boss and some [Aqueous Reliquary]. Also rewards the [Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara] achievement which is great for getting into pugs with. (Estimated 2-4+ pieces of loot. Only guaranteed your own loot.) 
  • 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace Lootshare - We will provide your Heroic Eternal Palace run with your choice of 1-7 players who are not saved to the raid for the week that can share loot with you. (Estimated 3-10+ pieces of loot.) 
  • 8/8 Heroic Eternal Palace Guaranteed Loot - Rewards 430+ ilvl loot. We will run you through Heroic Eternal Palace trading you loot along the way. We guarantee your choice of 3-5 items or 6-10 items depending on your choice of purchase. 
  • Heroic Queen Azshara Only - Rewards the [Ahead of the Curve: Queen Azshara] achievement and a chance at 430+ ilvl loot as well as some [Aqueous Reliquary] for the [Condensed Life-Force] Essence. 
  • Glory of the Eternal Raider - We will run you through Eternal Palace helping you acquire the achievement's requried for the [Glory of the Eternal Raider] meta. This rewards you with the [Aszhari Bloatray] mount.
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