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ffxiv MSQ powerleveling boost
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Main Story Quests & Powerleveling Boost

The Main Story Quests also known as MSQ is by far the most important aspect of FFXIV when it comes to progressing through the game in any form. Everything in FFXIV is locked behind the MSQ such as Raids, Dungeons, Trials, Alliance Raids, Glamours, Emotes, Pets, Mounts, access to certain zones and more. Completing the Main Story Quests takes several days, as there are thousands of quests that need to be completed.

With our Main Story Quest boosting service we have our professional drivers log into your account using a VPN for your account's safety and they will quest through the MSQ by hand, unlocking all of the features tied behind the MSQ in FFXIV. This is a great way to get your character caught up for Endwalker so you can dive into enjoying the raids, dungeons, trials and other aspects of the new expansion. 

Our Powerleveling boosting service is useful for leveling off-spec jobs after the MSQ is completed. Our driver will log into your character for you and earn the desired levels for your character by hand. We have several options to get your character to 90 to ready it for Endwalker whether you're starting on a Job that starts at level 1 such as a Marauder/Warrior or a Job that starts at 70 such as a Reaper.

NOTE: The following services will require that our boosters log into your account. Your account will be safe and the service will be streamed.

  • Endwalker Main Story Quests - Our professional booster will log into your character and play through the Endwalker MSQ completing it all for you. NOTE: You must have a job already at level 80 for this service and have the MSQ completed up until "The Next Ship Will Sail" or further. 
  • Alt Job Leveling Boost - Our professional booster will log into your character and farm dungeons and duty roulettes leveling your character from your choice of 70-90 or 80-90. NOTE: This service is for alt jobs and all MSQ completion is required. If you need your main job leveled 80-90 then you can purchase the "Endwalker Main Story Quests service."
  • Endwalker Alliance Raid Unlock - We will unlock the Alliance Raids for the Endwalker Expansion for you in FFXIV.
  • Endwalker Flying Unlock - We will unlock Flying for your mount in all the zones that are apart of the Endwalker expansion.
  • Endwalker Raid Unlock - We will unlock all of the Pandaemonium raids for you on Normal and Savage difficulty.