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Iron Banner Boost
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Iron Banner Boost

Iron Banner is a limited-time Crucible Event that's only available for one week every month. The difference with Iron Banner is that unlike other Crucible Events, Light Level matters. The lower your Light Level, the harder it will be to complete this event.

Lord Saladin has 4 different Iron Banner bounties, and a 5 Stage Seasonal quest available throughout the event. Completing each bounty will award players 50 Iron Banner Tokens, as well as powerful gear such as Iron Banner armor or weapons, including the chance to receive weapons such as [Frontier's Cry] and [Razor's Edge]

  • All 4 Bounties - Our team of trained professionals will boost you through all 4 of the Iron Banner Bounties available, obtaining a total of 200 Iron Banner Tokens, and Pinnacle Gear, with chances at weapons such as [Frontier's Cry] and [Razor's Edge].
  • Seasonal Quest - Our team of trained professionals will boost you through all 5 stages of the Seasonal Quest for Iron Banner. Completing this quest will reward players with a guaranteed [Frontier's Cry] and [Razor's Edge].

The Iron Banner event is only available for one week per month. Any purchases for this product during a time where the Iron Banner is not available will be completed during the next Iron Banner cycle, which may be multiple weeks away. Please contact Live Chat if you are unsure of when the next Iron Banner event is available.

PLEASE NOTE: For all of the above products we only offer Recovery (we play your account). This is due to the limited time this event is available, as well as the uneven playing field due to the nature of Light Level affecting damage throughout this event. Purchasing this product means that you are willing to share your account information with one of our trained professionals to complete your boost.