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Dragonflight Everbloom Boost

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Purchase an Everbloom boost and dive deep into this Warlords of Draenor dungeon during the Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ rotation. Take advantage of this opportunity to obtain coveted gear with ilvls scaling up to 470.

The Dragonflight 10.2 patch breathes new life into Everbloom, reintroducing it to the Mythic+ Season 3 lineup. Traverse this lush, sprawling sanctuary of Draenor, tackling its unique challenges and unveiling its precious treasures.

What You'll Get

  • Everbloom dungeon run completed;
  • Opportunity to acquire 441-470 ilvl gear, based on your chosen difficulty;
  • Dungeon achievements.

Additional Options

  • Armor Trader(s) - We will provide your M+ Dungeon run with your purchased choice of 1 or 2 Armor traders, providing you with more chances at loot.
  • Guaranteed In-Time - We will ensure that your M+ Dungeon boost is completed within the time limit. 


  • A character level 70 on your Dragonflight account is mandatory.

How It Works

  • Priority is determined by the order placement speed and the time your Dragonflight Mythic Everbloom boost was made;
  • Our representatives will connect with you via live chat or email for any inquiries;
  • Choose to have our booster take the lead with your character or join their team in self-play mode;
  • A Dragonflight Everbloom run is typically completed in 30-40 minutes;
  • Our team guarantees timely dungeon completion, ensuring you attain the highest possible Mythic+ score for your selected level. Engage in battles in self-play mode but adhere to the set tactics;
  • Upon concluding your Dragonflight Everbloom carry service, we'll notify you;
  • Relish the spoils! Remember to review us on Trustpilot.

WoW WoD Everbloom Carry Features

Delve into Everbloom during Dragonflight season 3. Nestled within Draenor's vast landscapes, this vibrant botanical haven teems with challenges and allure. With our adept team guiding your expedition, you'll traverse the dungeon effortlessly, securing the equipment you've set your sights on.

Steel yourself for confrontations with the bosses of Everbloom:

  • Witherbark
  • Ancient Protectors
  • Archmage Sol
  • Xeri'tac
  • Yalnu

Dragonflight Everbloom Loot Table

Here's a concise list of potential loot obtainable from the dungeon. Bear in mind, loot item levels adjust based on the key level, initiating at 441 ilvl for Mythic +2.

Name Slot Type
Witherbark's Branch Trinket Trinket
Coagulated Genesaur Blood Trinket Trinket
Leaf of the Ancient Protectors Trinket Trinket
Spores of Alacrity Trinket Trinket
Xeri'tac's Unhatched Egg Sac Trinket Trinket
Desiccated Husk Shield Shield Shield
Sol's Magestaff Two-Hand Staff
Leafhide Penetrator Ranged Crossbow
Interloper's Mossy Skull Held In Off-hand Off-hand Frill
Hoof of Yalnu One-Hand One-Handed Mace

WoW Everbloom Boost FAQ

Where can I find the Everbloom entrance?

Located in the dense thickets of Gorgrond, specifically the Everbloom Wilds, adventurers should look for a distinct stone archway among the canopy – the beacon to this dungeon's mysteries. Venture forth, challenge the natural guardians, and may your journey be laden with riches.