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We will carry you through content to help you earn the desired essence, completing dungeons, islands, battlegrounds, arena, quest chains, or world pvp to obtain the essence that you are after. Below are the different essences that you can purchase. Be sure to select the ranking that you'd like for your essence


  •  M+ Essence - Rewards the [Anima of Life and Death] / [Life-Binder’s Evocation] / [Essence of the Focusing Iris] essences. (Purchase M+ on our Dungeons page for this essence!)
  • Raiding Essence - Rewards the [Azeroth’s Undying Gift] / [Vitality Conduit / [Condensed Life-Force] essences. (Purchase Heroic Azshara kill on our Normal and Heroic Eternal Palace page for this essence!)
  • Battleground Essence - Rewards the [Sphere Suppression] / [Artifact of Time] / [Blood of the Enemy] essences.
  • Nazjatar Reputation Essence - Rewards the [Aegis of the Deep] / [The Ever-Rising Tide] / [The Unbound Force] essences(Purchase Unshackled Reputation on our Quests and Reputations page for this essence!)
  • Mechagon Reputation Essence - Rewards the [Nullification Dynamo] / [The Well of Existence] / [Purification Protocolessences. (Purchase Mechagon Reputation on our Quests and Reputations page for this essence!)
  • Warmode Essence - Rewards the [Ripple In Space] essence.
  • Mechagon Essence - Rewards the [Vision of Protection] essence. (Purchase Operation: Mechagon runs from us on our Operation: Mechagon page for this essence!)
  • Rated PvP Essence - Rewards the [Conflict and Strife] essence. (Purchase the Conquest Cap and arena rating on our PvP page for this essence!)
  • Island Expedition Essence - Rewards the [Worldvein Boon] essence.
  • Heart Forge Questline - Rewards [The Crucible of Flame] essence.
  • Nazjatar Bodyguard Essence - Rewards the [Memory of Lucid Dreams essence].
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