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Black Rook Hold Boost

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Simple Carry's Black Rook Hold Boost: Relive the Legacy in Dragonflight Season 3

Delve into the hauntingly beautiful Black Rook Hold, a gem from the Legion era, reintroduced in the Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ lineup. By choosing Simple Carry's exceptional boost, ensure your triumphant ascend up the eerie spires of this ancient elven fortress. Now, with gear pieces flaunting ilvls of up to 470 on the horizon, the stakes are higher than ever before.

The World of Warcraft landscape underwent a seismic shift when the game developers ingeniously meshed dungeons from yesteryears into the present-day Mythic+ spectrum. Among these, Black Rook Hold emerged as an adventurer's favorite, brimming with chilling challenges and untold treasures. As Dragonflight's 10.2 patch rolls out, be among the first to reclaim the enigmatic aura of this fortress. Expedite your journey with Simple Carry's unparalleled Black Rook Hold boosting service.

A Quick Overview:

What You'll Get

  • An accomplished Black Rook Hold run.
  • A shot at acquiring gear, ranging from ilvls 441-470 based on the difficulty level you opt for.
  • Coveted dungeon-centric achievement badges.

Additional Options

  • Armor Trader(s) - We will provide your M+ Dungeon run with your purchased choice of 1 or 2 Armor traders, providing you with more chances at loot.
  • Guaranteed In-Time - We will ensure that your M+ Dungeon boost is completed within the time limit. 


  • To embark on this journey, all you need is a Level 70 character on a Dragonflight account.

How It Works

  • On order placement, we swiftly prioritize based on order timing and execution speed.
  • You'll soon be in touch with our representatives via live chat or email for any clarifications.
  • Opt to either let our booster guide your avatar or engage in a co-op mode.
  • Typically, a Dragonflight Black Rook Hold run lasts around 30-40 minutes.
  • With punctuality as our mantra, we promise timely dungeon completion and the chance to achieve the peak Mythic+ score for your level. Participate in in-game battles in a cooperative mode, ensuring you align with the game's strategy.
  • Once accomplished, we'll inform you of the completion of the Simple Carry service for Black Rook Hold.
  • Revel in the victory! We'd appreciate a review on Trustpilot if you're satisfied with our service.

What Awaits in Black Rook Hold with Simple Carry:

Journey with us through the ghostly hallways of Black Rook Hold. Our adept carry team pledges an efficient dungeon run. Challenge and vanquish the legendary bosses inside:

  • The Amalgam of Souls
  • Illysanna Ravencrest
  • Smashspite the Hateful
  • The mighty Lord Kur'talos Ravencrest

Black Rook Hold Boost Loot Table:

The loot possibilities are aplenty. Remember, loot ilvls are contingent on the key level, starting at 441 ilvl for Mythic +2.

Name Slot Type
Cloak of Unwavering Loyalty Back Cloak
Slippers of Heedless Sacrifice Feet Cloth Armor
Collar of Raking Claws Head Cloth Armor
Latosius's Blasting Gloves Hands Cloth Armor
Harrowing Soulspun Bracers Wrist Cloth Armor
Soulstarve Hood Head Leather Armor
Tooled Rivermoor Boots Feet Leather Armor
Legguards of Endless Horrors Legs Leather Armor
Midnight Reaper Handwraps Hands Mail Armor
Ravencrest's Unerring Striders Feet Mail Armor
Fel-Hammered Greaves Legs Mail Armor
Ring of Contempt Finger Ring
Raven Filigree Pendant Neck Amulet
Leadfoot Earthshakers Feet Plate Armor
Pauldrons of Ancient Command Shoulder Plate Armor
Ravencrest Bonecrush Gauntlets Hands Plate Armor
Band of Callous Dominance Finger Ring
Amalgam's Seventh Spine Trinket Trinket
Spiked Counterweight Trinket Trinket
Caged Horror Trinket Trinket
Soul-Torn Fury Cinch Waist Mail Armor
Drape of the Raven Lord Back Cloak
Etheldrin's Breastplate Chest Plate Armor
Shadowfeather Shawl Back Cloak
Ember of Nullification Trinket Trinket
Shorn Batbrood Cuffs Wrist Leather Armor
Rook Footman's Legplates Legs Plate Armor
Rook Footman's Warboots Feet Plate Armor
Raven's Veil Gloves Hands Leather Armor
Raven's Veil Belt Waist Leather Armor
Shadow Archer's Helm Head Mail Armor
Shadow Archer's Spaulders Shoulder Mail Armor
Ravencourt Formal Robes Chest Cloth Armor
Ravencourt Formal Mantle Shoulder Cloth Armor

Black Rook Hold FAQs:

Reaching Black Rook Hold's entrance?
Navigate to the northwest of Val'sharah in the Broken Isles. Locate the dungeon gateway near the Bradensbrook village's spire base.