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Dragonflight Atal'Dazar Boost

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Buy an Atal'Dazar boost and triumph over this revered Battle for Azeroth dungeon during the Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic+ rotation. Harness the chance to procure gear with ilvls peaking at a staggering 470.

The allure of Atal'Dazar has never waned, and with the Dragonflight 10.2 update, it has been revived with fresh vigor in the Mythic+ lineup. Journey into this iconic Zandalari temple, tackle its legendary trials, and lay claim to its ancient treasures that have tantalized many an adventurer.

What You'll Get

  • A triumphant run of the Atal'Dazar dungeon;
  • Opportunity to amass 441-470 ilvl gear, contingent on the selected difficulty;
  • Coveted dungeon achievements.

Additional Options

  • Armor Trader(s) - We will provide your M+ Dungeon run with your purchased choice of 1 or 2 Armor traders, providing you with more chances at loot.
  • Guaranteed In-Time - We will ensure that your M+ Dungeon boost is completed within the time limit. 


  • A character level 70 on your Dragonflight account is mandatory.

How It Works

  • Your order secures a coveted spot on our priority list, structured based on execution speed and order placement;
  • Engage with our team via live chat or email for any clarifications;
  • Elect to have our booster commandeer your character or collaborate with his squad in self-play;
  • Anticipate an approximate 30-40 minute run for Dragonflight's Atal'Dazar;
  • Our commitment is timely dungeon completion, maximizing your Mythic+ score based on your level of choice. Engage in the combats in self-play, but ensure adherence to the outlined tactics;
  • Once the Atal'Dazar carry service concludes, we'll promptly notify you;
  • Bask in your achievements! We value your feedback, so please consider reviewing us on Trustpilot.

WoW BfA Atal'Dazar Boosting Service Features

Immerse yourself in Dragonflight's Season 3 iteration of Atal'Dazar. Nestled in the heart of Zuldazar's lush jungles, this eminent temple has a plethora of challenges awaiting. Navigate its intricate pathways with our seasoned boosters by your side, guaranteeing you not only a memorable experience but also the gear you've set your sights on.

Ready your wits and skills for these revered Atal'Dazar bosses:

  • Priestess Alun'za
  • Vol'kaal
  • Rezan
  • Yazma

Dragonflight Atal'Dazar Boost Loot Overview

Here is a quick breakdown of the potential loot awaiting you in the Atal'Dazar dungeon boost. Remember, gear ilvls adjust based on the key level, initiating at 441 ilvl for Mythic +2.

Name Slot Type

Spymaster's Wrap
Chest Leather Armor
Embellished Ritual Sabatons Feet Plate Armor

Soulspun Casque
Head Plate Armor
Kilt of Fanatical Consumption Legs Mail Armor
Shambling Berserker's Leggings Legs Leather Armor
Devilsaur Worshiper's Sandals Feet Cloth Armor

Mantle of Fastidious Machinations
Shoulder Leather Armor
Belt of Gleaming Determination Waist Leather Armor
Souldrifting Sabatons Feet Mail Armor
Wristlinks of Alchemical Transfusion Wrist Mail Armor
Legplates of Beaten Gold Legs Plate Armor

Secret Spinner's Miter
Head Cloth Armor
Gauntlets of Eternal Service Hands Mail Armor
My'das Talisman Trinket Trinket
Revitalizing Voodoo Totem Trinket Trinket
Wand of Zealous Purification Ranged Wand
Aureus Vessel Held In Off-hand Off-hand Frill
Soulrender's Fang One-Hand Dagger
Cincture of Glittering Gold Waist Mail Armor
Wraps of Everliving Fealty Wrist Cloth Armor
Drape of the Loyal Vassal Back Cloak
Hallowed Ossein Longbow Ranged Bow
Rezan's Gleaming Eye Trinket Trinket
Disc of Indomitable Will Shield Shield

Loa Betrayer's Vestments
Chest Cloth Armor

Coif of the Court Spider
Head Mail Armor
Grips of the Everlasting Guardian Hands Plate Armor
Seal of the Regal Loa Finger Ring
Vessel of Skittering Shadows Trinket Trinket
Adulation Enforcer One-Hand One-Handed Mace
Shadowshroud Vambraces Wrist Plate Armor
Venerated Raptorhide Bindings Wrist Leather Armor
Soulrending Claw One-Hand Fist Weapon

WoW Atal'Dazar FAQ

Where's the gateway to Atal'Dazar?
Find the entrance to Atal'Dazar in Zuldazar's northern expanse, close to the stairway ushering you to the grand temple precinct in Kings' Rest.