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WoW 1600 2v2 Arena Boost

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Simple Carrys is a leading boosting service in the World of Warcraft community, offering a reliable and efficient WoW Dragonflight 2v2 Arena Rating Boosting Service to help players achieve a 1600 rating. We understand that it can be challenging to increase your rating on your own, which is why we offer the expertise of our skilled boosters to help you reach your goals.

Our boosters are highly trained and experienced, using advanced tactics and strategies to outsmart your opponents and earn you the rating points you need. With Simple Carrys, you can expect to see a significant increase in your rating in no time, allowing you to compete against even more skilled opponents.

Using our WoW Dragonflight 2v2 Arena Rating Boosting Service is a straightforward process. Simply select the service on our website, provide your account details, and schedule a time for the boost to take place. Our boosters will handle the rest, ensuring that your account remains safe and confidential throughout the process.

Investing in Simple Carrys' WoW Dragonflight 2v2 Arena Rating Boosting Service can take your gameplay to the next level, helping you achieve the 1600 rating you've been striving for. Don't let a low rating hold you back any longer; trust in our skilled boosters to help you reach your goals and dominate in the arena.

Ready to take on the arena challenges? Our 1800 Arena Rating 2v2 Boost service in World of Warcraft is designed to help you reach that competitive rating with ease. Our experienced team will guide you through battles and strategies to ensure your success in the arena.

What You Will Get

  • 1600 Arena Rating in the 2v2 bracket;
  • Challenger Achievement and Title;
  • The ability to upgrade gear to "Challenger" ilvl;
  • Honor and Conquest Points;
  • Gear in your Great vault;
  • Progress towards your Vicious Saddle Mount;
  • Any PvP achievements and titles earned along the road to 1800.


  • Suitable PvP Gear (Honor PvP gear or higher in all slots)
  • Level 70 Character

How It Works

  • Prior to the service, every detail will be covered through a live chat or email;
  • We'll locate a skilled team for you whose availability best suits yours;
  • For you to communicate with the booster and keep tabs on the progress, we'll set up a Discord conversation;
  • When the time comes, a skilled player will take control of your character and lead it through the specified raid on the hardest setting;
  • We can stream your run by request privately, just ask;
  • We'll let you know when the boost is finished;
  • Enjoy the outcomes! Don't forget to give our services a Trustpilot rating as well

Arena 2V2 Boost FAQ

What is Arena boost in WoW?

In piloted mode, our professional players take your characters and keep arena fights until they get the required rating. In self-play mode, you have to fight shoulder to shoulder with the best PvP players, that protect you from mistakes and learn some useful tips.

How many rating do you get per arena win?

For every fight, your character can obtain from 12 rating points for s victory over an opponent of your level to 96 points, if your enemyes have much higher MMR. Because of it, to obtain Rival, Duelist, or Elite rank you need to win hundreds of fights. You can buy Arena carry from Simple Carry to avoid all these hours of farm.

What is a good arena rating?

1500 Arena rating means that you average PvP Player and rewards you the Combatant Title and access to Combatant gear. 1600 Rating rewards you the Challenger Title and access to Challenger gear. 1800 Rating means you're an above average PvP player and rewards you with the Rival title as well as access to the Rival gear. The higher your ranking, the higher ilvl gear you will be able to get.

Can you get the Gladiator title in Arena 2v2 fights?

There are some differences between 2v2 and 3v3 experience, but our players can complete any Arena boost you need. Unfortunately cannot get the Gladiator title in 2v2, only 3v3. However you can get Combatant, Challenger, Rival and Elite titles and gear from 2v2.