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Mythic Fyrakk Boss Kill

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Purchase Mythic Fyrakk to vanquish the ultimate boss in Dragonflight's final raid at the pinnacle of difficulty levels! With Simple Carry's Fyrakk Mythic boost, you can plunge into Amirdrassil's most daunting boss encounter, fully unprepared, yet still secure top-tier gear, a one-of-a-kind flying mount eligible for Dragonriding, and coveted Feats of Strength achievements. Secure your elite status in the game today!

Are you ready to take on the ultimate test? If so, our Mythic Fyrakk Boss Kill service has been designed with you in mind. This is the apex of World of Warcraft raiding, where even a second's hesitation can spell disaster.

Our elite raiders have honed their abilities through countless Mythic-level encounters, mastering the perfect coordination and flawless execution required to bring down Fyrakk. Through intricate mechanics and heart-pounding phases, you will be guided and supported as you and your team conquer the unimaginable and take down Fyrakk on Mythic difficulty.

Take your World of Warcraft gameplay to unparalleled heights with our top-tier raid and boss kill services. Whether you're eyeing the formidable Mythic Amirdrassil, considering a Amirdrassil Single Boss Kill, or aiming to defeat Tindral Sageswift through our Tindral Sageswift Kill, we offer something for adventurers of all calibers.

What You'll Get


  • A character level of 70.

How It Works

  • We will contact you in the live chat or via email. Ask any questions;
  • The booster will pilot your character, or you will join our raid group yourself in self-play. If you don't want to share your account with our booster, you can order raid completion with the Remote Control option;
  • At the appointed time, you'll get an invitation to the game and summon to the raid for self-play mode;
  • Make sure that you hit the boss at least once, otherwise, you won't be able to get any loot from it;
  • You can die after the boss fight starts, or you can stay alive and perform all the required mechanics. Our boosters will help you to learn it quickly;
  • We will notify you about Fyrakk Mythic boost completion;
  • Enjoy the results! And do not forget to rate us on Trustpilot.

    Mythic Fyrakk Boss Kill Includes

    Fyrakk the Blazing, a leading Primal Incarnate and the main villain throughout the Dragonflight expansion, aims to destroy the sacred Amirdrassil World Tree situated at the core of the Emerald Dream. Join forces with Azeroth's heroes and the Dragonflight to thwart his calamitous plans! Simple Carry makes this Mythic challenge easier than you ever imagined, offering quick kills without the hassle of trial and error.

    Our elite PvE boosters are on standby to assist you in vanquishing Fyrakk at your chosen difficulty level, including the grueling Mythic mode. By opting for our Fyrakk Mythic carry service, you can expect the following:

    • Direct Summoning to Fyrakk the Blazing on Mythic difficulty, saving you the trouble of facing other raid bosses.
    • Expedited Fyrakk Mythic Kill: Engage in combat if you're well-versed in the tactics, or sit back and watch our pros in action.
    • Enhance your loot odds by adding the penultimate raid boss to your package. In this case, our team will bring you into the raid slightly ahead of schedule.

    Purchase your Fyrakk Mythic kill from Simple Carry and bypass the grind to unlock the most coveted rewards in the Amirdrassil raid.

    The Fyrakk Boss Encounter Mythic-level bosses are notoriously complex, often necessitating hundreds of attempts even for the top guilds worldwide. Fyrakk the Blazing is no exception; prepare for unexpected maneuvers, intricate strategies, and ceaseless waves of shadow flame. But fret not—the Dragon Aspects have your back, and our boosters will guide you through, even if you're a Mythic raid novice.

    Mythic Fyrakk Boss Fight:

    • Three intense phases, each filled with relentless fire attacks.
    • One attention-grabbing intermission that leaves no room for complacency.
    • Dual Fyrakk forms, each wielding a legendary axe.
    • Participation from Merithra and the Green Dragonflight to aid your cause.
    • Exclusive cosmetic rewards, including a rare Dragonriding skin and a Mythic-level flying mount suitable for Dragonriding.

    Mythic Fyrakk Loot Table

    Though the loot tables for the Dragonflight patch 10.2 haven't been released yet, we do know about the legendary axe, Fyr'alath, the Dream Render. Ideal for Strength-based, two-handed axe-wielding classes, this weapon is a trophy for completing the Fyrakk Mythic encounter.

    The raid difficulty also influences the item levels for the gear rewards:

    • Normal: 463 ilvl
    • Heroic: 476 ilvl
    • Mythic: 489 ilvl

    Opt for Simple Carry's Fyrakk Mythic boost service to equip yourself with top-tier gear and achievements, enhancing your WoW gaming experience like never before.

    Fyrakk Mythic Very Rare items

    In past Dragonflight raids such as the Vault of the Incarnates and Aberrus the Shadowed Crucible, certain bosses in the Amirdrassil carry could drop items with a higher ilvl, occasionally showcasing unique effects.

    These items are typically the primary target for players purchasing loot runs. Within the Amirdrassil raid, these exceptional items possess an increased item level of 6-7 points compared to the regular loot dropped by that boss. Notably, the list of Fyrakk's exceptional items includes:




    Augury of the Primal Flame

    Trinket (Critical Strike)

    Fyrakk the Blazing

    Blossom of Amirdrassil

    Trinket (Haste)

    Fyrakk the Blazing

    Fyrakk's Tainted Rageheart

    Trinket (Agility/Strength)

    Fyrakk the Blazing


    All of them you can get during the Amirdrassil Normal carry service from Simple Carry