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WoW Awakened Normal Boost

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Unlock the Power of Awakened Normal Raids in Dragonflight Season 4

Embark on an extraordinary voyage, igniting the flames of adventure as you delve into the heart of Dragonflight Season 4 with our unparalleled Awakened Normal raids boost. Traverse the realms of Azeroth with confidence, knowing that your character's strength will be fortified with gear ranging from 493 to 502 item level, acquired swiftly and efficiently through our expert services. As you tread the path of heroism, triumph awaits in the form of various achievements bestowed upon vanquishing bosses, each victory unlocking new horizons of power and prestige.

Simple Carry's Awakened Raids Normal boost isn't just a service; it's your passport to a realm of exclusive rewards and unparalleled glory. Envision yourself astride majestic mounts, their reins held firmly in your grasp, earned through the completion of the Awakening the Dragonflight Raids achievement. Feel the thrill of victory as you lay claim to Dragonriding skins, coveted treasures that signify your mastery over the skies. With our boost by your side, you'll ascend to greatness in record time, leaving a trail of conquest and achievement in your wake.

What You Will Get

Loot Options:

  • Group Loot - Upon each boss kill you will have your own chance of receiving loot. No loot is guaranteed, so please know this before purchasing!
  • Armor & Token Priority - Your purchased choice of boosters will be dedicated to trading you any Main Armor Pieces & Tier Tokens that they receive. 
  • Full Priority - Your purchased choice of boosters will be dedicated to trading you ALL loot that they receive.

Awakened Tempostone Vendor

Awakened Tempostone can be used to purchase Dragonflight Season 4 Tier set armor. In the Parting Glass on the east side of Valdrakken will be a vendor named Runaagos, the Neurotic Novelist. Players can exchange their Awakened Tempostone for a piece of Dragonflight Season 4 Tier set armor. The difficulty of the raid in which the omni-token was obtained from will influence the item level and upgrade track of the Tier set armor.


  • Active WoW subscription.
  • Level 70 character.

How It Works

  1. Select preferred options and place an order for our WoW Awakened Normal carry service.
  2. We'll contact you via live chat or email to address any questions.
  3. The booster will Pilot your character or you'll join our raid group in Self-play mode.
  4. Hit each boss to ensure loot acquisition.
  5. We'll notify you upon completion or watch it on the live stream.
  6. Enjoy the results and don't forget to rate our service on Trustpilot.

WoW Awakened Normal Boosting Services

Embark on a journey through the Awakened raids, where the treasures await, surpassing those found in other Dragonflight raids, particularly from the formidable final bosses. Save yourself from the arduous search and wearisome grind by opting for Simple Carry's Awakened raid Normal carry service. Explore the comprehensive table provided, detailing the item levels of all items obtainable within the Awakened raids.

Difficulty Awakened Raids
Raid Finder 480-489 ilvl
Normal 493-502 ilvl
Heroic 506-515 ilvl
Mythic 519-528 ilvl

WoW Awakened Normal Boost FAQ

How do I obtain Dragonflight Season 4 Tier set armor?

To acquire Tier set pieces in Season 4, there are several avenues available:

  • Awakened Tempostone Tokens: These tokens can be obtained from last bosses in Awakened raids on all difficulties. Exchange these tokens at the vendor named Runaagos in the Parting Glass on the east side of Valdrakken.
  • Raid Completion on Heroic Difficulty: Completing any of the Awakened raids on Heroic difficulty awards a token for a Tier set piece.
  • Keystone Master Achievement: Achieving the Keystone Master accomplishment also grants a token for a Tier set piece.
  • Reaching a 1600 PvP Rating: Attaining a rating of 1600 in PvP during Season 4 rewards a token for a Tier set piece.
  • Great Vault Rewards: Tier set pieces may also be obtained through Great Vault rewards, which are awarded weekly.

How can I obtain Awakened Tempostone?

Awakened Tempostones, the omni-tokens required for acquiring Tier set pieces, can be acquired by defeating last bosses in Awakened raids across all difficulties. These tokens serve as a currency to exchange for Tier set armor pieces at the designated vendor location.