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Timelost Weapons Boost
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Timelost Weapons Boost

Timelost weapons are powerful weapons rewarded by completing Vault of Glass master Mode challenges. The catch with Timelost weapons is that only one Timelost weapon is available every week, depending on the current Weekly Challenge.

There are 5 different Timelost Weapons, which can be viewed below

Weapon Name Weapon Type
Hezen Vengeance Rocket Launcher
Vision of Confluence Scout Rifle
Praedyth's Revenge Sniper Rifle
Fatebringer Hand Cannon
Corrective Measure Machine Gun


Our team of trained professionals will boost you through the Vault of Glass on Master Mode and complete the Weekly Challenge required to obtain the Timelost Weapon of your choosing.

This service can only be completed on certain weeks. If the weapon that you wish to purchase is not available on that week, the boost will be scheduled during the next week where the weapon is available. For more information on what weapons are currently available, please contact Live Chat.

PLEASE NOTE: For all of the above products we offer options for both Sherpa (play your own account) and Recovery (we play your account). If you are to select Recovery, you agree to allow one of our trained professionals access to your account to complete the run in a timely and efficient manner. If you do not wish to allow access to your account to any of our team members, please select the Sherpa option.