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Crucible Seal - Unbroken Title
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Crucible Seal - Unbroken Title

Complete the Crucible Seal and earn the Unbroken Title

Options for each of the following triumphs are available, or a package for all triumphs required for the seal.

  • Forever Valorous - Earn Crucible Ranks across all Seasons
  • Legendary Valor - Achieve a Crucible Rank of Legend in any Season
  • Prestigious - Reset your Crucible Rank across all Seasons
  • Right Back at It Again - Reset your Crucible Rank within a single Season
  • Unbroken Valor - Earn the maximum Crucible Rank win streak bonus in any Season
  • Fight for Glory - Earn Glory Ranks across all Seasons 
  • Fabled Warrior - Earn weapon rewards from the Fabled Glory Rank in multiple Seasons
  • Become Legend - Achieve a Glory Rank of Legend in any Season 
  • A Glorious Legend - Achieve a Glory Rank of Legend in multiple Seasons
  • Unstoppable Glory - Win consecutive matches in any Season

PLEASE NOTE: For all of the above products we offer options for both Sherpa (play your own account) and Recovery (we play your account). If you are to select Recovery, you agree to allow one of our trained professionals access to your account to complete the run in a timely and efficient manner. If you do not wish to allow access to your account to any of our team members, please select the Sherpa option.