Seals are one of the most prestigious things in Destiny 2. Completing a seal means that you are an absolute master of that type of content, and rewards you with a unique title to display your expertise.

Completing a Seal requires that you complete a number of triumphs that are tied to specific objectives throughout the seal. Some of the requirements for the triumphs can be exceptionally hard, and require an extremely coordinated fireteam to complete.

Simple-Carry offers Seal boosting in two different forms. Guardians may request a single triumph completion, or request the entire seal be completed at once. Due to the nature of how many unique triumphs a seal may contain, completing a boost may take multiple weeks.

Purchasing Seals

Upon purchasing a seal, our boosting coordinator will reach out to you via Discord or Email to schedule the run, and ensure that you meet all of the requirements before setting up the boost. Certain triumphs require that you have specific weapons or a minimum power level. Before scheduling, our boosting coordinator will ensure that you meet all of these requests.

Purchasing seals can get quite confusing, as there are many different triumphs required for a seal. If you are uncertain of what you need in order to complete a seal, please reach out to Live Chat for assistance! Purchasing more than 5 objectives for a single seal may also include a discount, don't forget to check with Live Chat if you're looking to finish up your seal to see if there are any discounts available!

Completing Seals

Once you're scheduled for your boost, there are very specific requirements to complete a seal. Certain triumphs may require that you complete an entire raid without a single member of your fireteam dying, or that you approach things in a very specific way. Please make sure that you are paying full attention throughout your boost, as you will be given specific instructions from your boosters. If you fail to follow instructions, your boost may take longer than estimated due to in-game restrictions.