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Mage Tower Boost World of Warcraft WoW Shadowlands SL Timewalking Carry
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Mage Tower Challenge Boost

The Mage Tower Challenge was a feature added in the World of Warcraft: Legion Expansion. It was a solo-player experience meant to present the player with a difficult challenge in exchange for a flashy weapon appearance for your Legion artifact weapon. Mage Tower rewards are a great way to show off your skill to other players in World of Warcraft as it gives you a very flashy appearance and mount that is instantly noticeable and other players associate it with you accomplishing a challenging task that requires skill.

With WoW Shadowlands patch 9.1.5 the Mage Tower has been reintroduced in timewalking form and it has some neat new Mythic Tomb of Sargeras transmogs for each class, a unique bear form skin for druids and if you complete all of the tower challenges you get the Mage-Bound Spelltome flying mount and the [A Tour of Towers] achievement.

Upon buying this wow boosting service, one of our professional boosters will log into your character and carry you, completing the Mage Tower Challenge(s) that you desire. This is a piloted service, meaning our professional will be playing your account for you. Our professional wow boosters always use VPN technology to ensure safety of your account and can also provide a private stream so you can watch them do the carry for you. 

  • 1x Mage Tower Challenge - We will log into your character and boost you completing the respective challenge for your requested class/spec, earning you the Mythic Tomb of Sargeras recolored transmog and also earning you criteria towards the [A Tour of Towers] achievement.
  • A Tour of Towers Achievement (7x Challenges) - We will log into your account, play your characters and boost you completing all of the necessary steps required for the [A Tour of Towers] Achievement. NOTE: There are 7 total challenges and all must be completed for the achievement, however one class may only be able to complete 2-3 of these challenges. You will need to have 3-7 level 45+ characters that can cover the 7 challenges.
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