Character Progression Boosting Services

Our Character Progression Boosting Services help you streamline some of the more tedious and boring processes in WoW Shadowlands. We cover the Mage Tower, which was a feature introduced in Legion and is being reintroduced in Timewalking format in Shadowlands that awards you with unique class-specific transmogs and a Guardian Druid skin and a mount if you complete all of the mage tower challenges. Quest Chain boosting which covers your covenant campaign, korthia campaign, and the shadowlands campaign. Reputation farm boost for any reputation you need in WoW Shadowlands to exalted. Powerleveling to get your character from 1-50 or 50-60 or to get the unique heritage armor for your allied race faction and Renown Level Boosting where we log into your character and earn renown up to the current cap which gives you access to many features within your selected covenant in WoW Shadowlands.

How Do Character Progression Boosting Services Work?

Our professional gamers at Simple Carry log into your account to carry out these boosting services which are also known as a “piloted service”. Doing this, we use VPN technology to ensure your account's safety, quickly completing the purchased service and we can also provide you with a link to a private stream by request to show you the work we're doing. If there is a service you seek that is not listed on our website, do not hesitate to ask our friendly professionals which are available 24/7 on our website's live chat for help as we have boosters that can fit any niche in WoW, meaning we can carry you through any type of content that the game has to offer at any time or day of the week.

What Does Simple Carry Promise?

Simple Carry is the #1 PvE and PvP game boosting company on the market and we have been in service since 2018 providing players like you with the opportunity to achieve the seemingly impossible in their favorite video games. Come and get your WoW Boost handled by the pros today with Simple Carry!