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World of Warcraft Dragonflight Rated Battleground Boost
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Rated Battlegrounds Boost

To achieve a suitable rating and the distinctive experience of playing with the actual PvP pros, purchase WoW RBG boost in self-play mode.

Battlegrounds have been among the most entertaining PvP content since the initial release of World of Warcraft. Rating battlegrounds provide players even more emotions, but they also call for ten well-organized, seasoned colleagues who fully comprehend one another. And if you don't have this many comrades, our WoW RBG Self-play boost service will enable you to take part in battleground combat.

Simply select the desired rating you wish to attain, and we'll locate the best squad for you. We can enhance your RBG up to a rating of 2100 depending on the overall item level you have, and we'll farm a lot of Conquest points and Honor levels while fulfilling your order.

Additionally, you can add to your order the option to play solely with Rank 1 players if you want to experience fighting side by side with genuine top PvP players. Each teammate will have the Hero of the Horde/Hero of the Alliance achievement, which serves as proof that they all joined the top 0.5% of the ladder.

You don't have to spend all of your time in front of a monitor, so don't worry. The WoW Dragonflight RBG boost service can be broken up into a number of sessions of whatever length works best for you. We'll plan out our sessions based on your preferences.

Note that if the season begins with an 1800+ rating, lead time may be extended.

What You Will Get

  • We will boost you to the chosen rating, gaining you Conquest Points and Honor Points that you can use to spend on your PvP gear to upgrade it;
  • Unlocking weekly award progress for the Great Vault;
  • Several achievements based on your rating which reward titles;
  • Access to different levels of PvP upgrades at the upgrade vendor costing honor based on your rating. 1500 = Combatant / 1600 = Challenger / 1800 = Rival / 2100 = Duelist / 2400 = Elite.

NOTE: 2100+ PvP gear is higher ilvl than Heroic Raids gear!


  • Character level 70 in World of Warcraft; overall PvP gear of 400+ ilvl.

How It Works

  • Depending on the order's execution duration and speed, we create a priority list;
  • You will hear from us by email or live chat. Ask any inquiries;
  • You will join our player squad at the allotted time and begin RBG bouts in self-play mode;
  • Our gamers will finish each battleground one at a time till they obtain a rating they are happy with;
  • Enjoy the outcomes! Also, don't forget to give us a Trustpilot rating.

FAQ for WoW RBG boost

RBG World of Warcraft: What is it?

A 10v10 PvP mode is RBGs. Here, winning tactics and team configurations diverge greatly. However, the biggest issue for the majority of players is that this mode lacks a matchmaking mechanism, therefore you had to manually find your 9 companions.

Purchasing carry services, such as the one we offer on this website, makes performing various RBGs considerably simpler. Since a team of pros performs the RBG boost service, opting for self-play for your RBG carry may be a wise choice. It's fascinating to watch these players in action.

Exactly how do I launch a Rated Battleground?

You need to find a preset party to fight with and at least 50-level characters to begin your RBG adventures. Finding a team with a lot of experience can be difficult at times, but you can always purchase WoW RBG boost from Simple Carry and play alongside PvP experts.

What kind of rating does an RBG get?

It relies on your performance as well as your opponents' MMR. The level of your opponents will determine how many points you win with.