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Normal Sanctum of Domination (SOD) Carry WoW Shadowlands (SL) Boost PvE Loot Gear Raid
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Normal Sanctum of Domination Raid Boost

Sanctum of Domination is the new raid released in patch 9.1 of the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands expansion. With this service our team of wow raiders will boost you through Sanctum of Domination on Normal difficulty. 

Normal Sanctum of Domination rewards gear ranging from Item Level 226 to 233 All bosses on this difficulty have a chance of dropping a Shard of Domination, as well as [Stygian Ember], which can be used to increase your characters power in The Maw, Torghast, and the Sanctum of Domination raid via the Domination Shard Set Bonuses. Killing Sylvanas Windrunner on this difficulty allows Hunters the chance to loot the Legendary Bow [Rae'shalare, Death's Whisper], and guarantees all players receive one random Shard of Domination. 

Our Normal Sanctum of Domination boosting service is a great source of gear to get a new character started and ready for Heroic/Mythic raiding and M+ Keystones. We highly recommend our Normal Sanctum of Domination lootshare option as it is a cheap alternative to the Heroic lootshare counterpart and can get you a ton of gear on your fresh level 60 character. Buy a carry/boost through Normal Sanctum of Domination to get your rewards fast and easily today to get your World of Warcraft character up to par with loot. Simple Carry is the #1 source of World of Warcraft PvE and PvP boosting/carrying. Below are our Normal Sanctum of Domination boosting services and what they reward you with.

  • Normal Sanctum of Domination Clear - Our WoW Boosting team will carry you through 10/10 Normal Sanctum of Domination. The loot rules are personal loot and any items you loot from the boss you may keep. 
  • Normal Sanctum of Domination Lootshare - Our team will carry you through Normal Sanctum of Domination 10/10 and we will provide your run with your purchased choice amount of traders. These traders will be the same armor type as you and will funnel all of their loot into your bags!
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