FFXIV Boosting Services

FFXIV is an MMORPG that was created in 2013 by Square Enix. This MMORPG had some issues upon launch and ultimately failed as a game but was completely revamped from zero by the current producer Naoki Yoshida with the release of FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. Today, FFXIV is an MMORPG that is full of life and adventures with many friendly players and challenges awaiting the gamer. 

FFXIV takes place in a world known as Eorzea and the player is traversing Eorzea as the "Warrior of Light" which is basically an adventurer with the ability to break limits. Eorzea is filled with many terrible evil forces known as Primals and only the Warrior of Light can stand toe to toe with these enemies and sometimes they need other fellow Warrior's of Light to tackle one of the ever so threatening Primals that inhabit the lands. 

The objectives in FFXIV for most players are pretty simple. Complete the story questline, level up their main job and then tackle some dungeons/raids/trials/ultimates in the end to get the best gear and the coolest glamour. This can be a daunting task though as leveling takes many, many hours and the raid fights are no joke themselves. This is where Simple Carry comes in and lends a helping hand.

Our FFXIV Boosting Services make your gameplay experience more enjoyable and your life easier. We offer all sorts of content such as Ultimate Fights including The Epic of Alexander (TEA), The Unending Coil of Bahamut (UCoB) and The Weapons Refrain (UwU). Savage content such as Eden's Savage, Omega Savage, Alexander Savage and Bahamut savage and Extreme trials from every expansion which offer various mounts and glamour.

Ultimate Boosting Services

With our Ultimate Boosting service we will play your character and complete the desired Ultimate boss for you in FFXIV. You will be rewarded with 1x totem for your character respective to the completed Ultimate fight in which you can exchange that totem for a prestigious, rare and shiny Ultimate weapon! Ultimate weapons are a huge "flex" if you will because they show that you have taken down some of the hardest enemies in Eorzea and they have an absolutely stunning appearance that cannot be missed. If this wasn't enough to get you sold on clearing an Ultimate it also comes with a title respective to the Ultimate encounter you've killed. Killing an Ultimate Boss in FFXIV is one of the greatest PvE feats a player can complete in ANY MMORPG title.

Savage Boosting Services

Our Savage Boosting Service allows you to complete the Savage raid of your choice earning you access to some of the best equipment and glamour in the game. Our professional raid boosting team can 1-shot nearly any boss in the game on Savage. The FFXIV Savage boosting service we provide is the best way to get your characters ready to go toe-to-toe with the hardest enemies in FFXIV because you will obtain the strongest gear in the game from Savage bosses. Killing a Savage Boss isn't easy though and requires a group of 8 highly-skilled players to complete. Our Savage Raid Boosting Service will provide you with the proper group to clear these bosses with ease.

Extreme Trial and Palace of the Dead Boosting Services

With our Extreme Trial boosting services, we will complete the Extreme trial of your choice earning you a chance at the mount from that trial as well as the glamour and totems that they have to offer. With our Palace of the Dead boosting service we will carry you through the Palace of the Dead up to the floor that you desire, earning you rare titles, glamour, mounts and pets along the way!

Variant & Criterion Dungeon Services

Variant & Criterion Dungeons are a new form of 4 man content added in FFXIV's patch 6.2.5. Variant Dungeons are designed for 1-4 players, whereas Criterion Dungeons require a pre-made group of 4 players. There is also a Savage mode of the Criterion Dungeon which is designed for the top % of players to try their best of luck at. With Variant & Criterion Dungeon boosting services, we will provide you with the right team to tackle these challenging dungeons and ensure victory for you!