Final Fantasy XIV is one of the most popular MMORPGs on the market as of now and isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Simple Carry is now offering various boosting services in FFXIV including Ultimate, Savage, Extreme Trial, and Palace of The Dead content. FFXIV endgame is not for the faint of heart and requires the utmost skilled players to complete some of it and that’s where we come in to help you get your clears for all of the prestigious rewards FFXIV has to offer.

What boosting services Simple Carry offers in FFXIV

Ultimate and Savage Raid Boosting Services

Ultimates in FFXIV are the pinnacle of PvE content and are only completed by the top few percentages of players. For completion of an Ultimate encounter, you are rewarded with a unique title and weapon for your glamour collection. Our professional gamers at Simple Carry are ready to log into your account and carry you through the Ultimate fight of your desire earning you that awesome title and beautiful weapon. Purchase your Ultimate Raid boost in FFXIV today with Simple Carry!

Savage Raids in FFXIV are more difficult versions of the Normal and are quite a step up in difficulty for that matter. Savage Raids reward the highest item level gear in the game and you can often find your best-in-slot gear comes from the bosses within these raids. With our Savage Raid boost, we make completing these Savage raids easy by grouping you up with a skilled group of players that have already killed these Savage bosses multiple times and already have all of the loot so that you can go in, clear it quickly, and efficiently and get all the loot for yourself. Our carry teams can do your run regardless of your experience within the raid or the status of your gear.

Extreme Trials, Palace of the Dead and Blue Mage Achievement Boosting Services

Extreme Trials are the more difficult version of Normal trials and while easier than Savage raids, can still prove to be quite challenging to the average player. Extreme Trials reward you with mounts, weapons, and sometimes other vanity items. Our Extreme Trial boosting service gives you a quick and easy way to get your clears without the hassle of having to form a group yourself or dealing with pugs disbanding after a wipe or two. Come and get a carry with the pros through an Extreme Trial today and save time and energy so you can enjoy your time in Eorzea.

Palace of the Dead is what is known as a Deep Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV (FFXIV) and rewards you with various cosmetics, titles, mounts, achievements and more! With our Palace of the Dead boosting service we will boost you through the floors earning you whatever you desire. 

Blue Mages are what as known as a "bonus job" in Final Fantasy XIV. You can level up Blue Mage to 70 and learn various different abilities that you "steal" from different npcs in the game. Some achievements, titles, mounts and other rewards can only be obtained while playing the Blue Mage job. With our Blue Mage boosting services we can make getting these rewards a breeze.