Battle of Dazar'alor and Mythic + Season 2 Now Available

So as i'm sure you all know, Battle of Dazar'alor recently came out as well as the 2nd season of Mythic + Dungeons. As always, we're selling carries for both the new raid and dungeons so be sure to check them out in their respective product sections. Before you go wandering off though, let me break down how the new Raid and M+ rewards work.

Across the board, all loot drops from Season 2 M+ and Battle of Dazar'alor will be +30 ilvl higher than their Season 1 M+ and Uldir raid drop counterparts. For example, Heroic BoD drops 400+ ilvl loot whereas Heroic Uldir drops 370+ ilvl loot. Another example is M+10s will now drop 400+ ilvl loot whereas a Season 1 M+ 10 would drop 370+ ilvl loot. 

Battle of Dazar'alor will drop 385+ ilvl loot from Normal and 400+ ilvl loot from Heroic. Every single boss in the raid drops Azerite armor as opposed to Uldir which only had a select few bosses with Azerite drops. For killing Jaina on Heroic you will receive the [Ahead of the Curve: Lady Jaina Proudmoore] achievement ensuring you'll never have any issues getting into a Heroic or Normal raid group again.

Season 2 M+ has received a nice item level increase to the rewards as well as a new seasonal dungeon affix called Reaping, which basically just causes the last 20% of enemy forces you killed in the dungeon to respawn and try to murder you every 20% of the way through the dungeon. As for the rewards, M+10 will give you 400+ ilvl loot and 410+ ilvl loot from the weekly cache. It is very important to note however that the FIRST WEEK of Season 2 the in-dungeon rewards at the end will be capped at M+ level 6 which rewards 385+ ilvl loot, HOWEVER you WILL want to complete at least one M+ 10 the first week of Season 2 so that the second week you will receive a 410+ ilvl piece from your M+ 10 cache.

Hopefully that clears everything up for you guys and we hope to see you in Battle of Dazar'alor. Enjoy the new content!

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