WoW Dragonflight Snail Racing Mount Guide

WoW Dragonflight Snail Racing Mount Guide

Attention everyone, regardless of your species or age, get ready to witness the most thrilling event in Azeroth - the snail racing extravaganza! In the recently released World of Warcraft patch 10.1: Embers of Neltharion, Blizzard Entertainment has taken the concept of speed to new heights.

Prepare yourself to accelerate your shells and shift into turbo gear, as snail racing crawls into Azeroth! Start claiming exciting new rewards today:

Big Slick in the City Achievements
Battle Pets New Faction


No longer are snails considered slow, sluggish creatures. These slimy speedsters are ready to redefine your perception of velocity. Rally your friends, equip yourself with salt-resistant gear, and prepare to celebrate one of the most highly anticipated events in Azeroth's history!

A Guide to Unlocking Snail Racing in World of Warcraft

For those seeking a distinctive and enjoyable activity in World of Warcraft's latest patch 10.1 Embers of Neltharion, the snail racing event is definitely worth exploring. This thrilling event is situated in the stunning Glimmerrogg region of the southern Zaralek Cavern. To gain access to Snail Racing, players must attain a renown level of 7 with the Loamm Niffen faction.

Once you meet the necessary criteria, you can participate in the exhilarating and enjoyable experience of witnessing snails compete against one another in a track tailored for their speed. These snails are meticulously chosen and prepared for the event, with each possessing its own unique set of skills and strengths.

However, don't be deceived by their gradual and steady pace - these snails are fierce competitors, and the race can become highly intense.

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In order to join the Snail Racing League, players must converse with Grougul, who will grant them a weekly quest to assist one of the snails in achieving victory. The key to success in this race lies in Bashful Treats, which players can obtain from Corry, an NPC present just before the start of the race. These treats will provide your selected snail with the necessary speed boost to move quickly.

However, be cautious of the other NPCs that may either aid or attack you throughout the race! Therefore, make a wise choice when selecting your snail and be prepared to face unexpected hurdles.

The most exciting aspect of the Snail Racing League is that the snail you assist will be your reward as a pet if you win the race. Brulee, Bashful, Tricky, or Roggy - you can have all of them as pets if you emerge victorious with each of them. Prepare yourself for a high-speed, snail racing extravaganza in World of Warcraft!


As of now, we have limited information on the snail racing feature in WoW Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a winning guide at this moment. However, we are constantly gathering more details and will update you as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.


The latest addition to the World of Warcraft 10.1 Embers of Neltharion patch is an exclusive snail racing feature that players can now enjoy. Near the snail race zone, players will find an NPC named Briggul, who is affiliated with the reputation faction Glimmerogg Racer. Your reputation with this faction is a measure of your ability as a snail trainer, in Briggul's opinion.

The Glimmerogg Racer reputation is divided into five tiers, with each tier requiring 700 points to advance to the next level. To attain all five ranks, players must accumulate a total of 2800 reputation points:

  • Aspirational: 0-700
  • Amateur: 700-1400
  • Competent: 1400-2100
  • Skilled: 2100-2800
  • Professional: 2800

Players can earn 100 reputation points by completing Briggul's daily quest, which he provides to them. Moreover, Briggul has a strong desire to explore new snails beyond the Zaralek Cavern. Players can display their snail pets to Briggul by selecting the "Show Briggul your level 25 pet Snail" option in the UI. This will reward an extra 100 reputation points for each distinct snail pet showcased:

Battle Pet
Drop – Amethyst Spireshell in Nazjatar
Pet Battle – The Eternal Palace
Pet Battle – Highmountain
Pet Battle – Zereth Mortis
Vendor – Speaker Utia – Requires Waveblade Ankoan Revered
Pet Battle – Dread Wastes
Pet Battle – Ashenvale
World Event – Children’s Week
Pet Battle – Darkshore
Pet Battle – Gorgrond, Spires of Arak, Talador, The Jade Forest
Pet Battle – Nazjatar
Achievement – Zoom!


When players present their snails to Briggul, he eagerly exclaims, "I must take that one to the next race. The other trainers will love it." This interaction alludes to the prospect of racing with your own snail pets in forthcoming updates.

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Once players complete the snail racing reputation grind in Zaralek Cavern, they receive the exclusive Big Slick in the City mount as a reward.

Our Insights: A Look Into Our Thoughts

World of Warcraft's snail racing feature has captivated players with its unique and entertaining gameplay. While the feature is still relatively new, some players have already begun speculating about what the future may hold for snail racing in WoW.

One possibility is the inclusion of larger snails in future updates. Players have already encountered medium-sized snails and "mount-snails" used for racing in Glimmerog, which hints at the possibility of larger snails being introduced. This could add an extra layer of excitement and challenge to snail racing, as players would have to adjust their strategies to accommodate the larger size of the snails.

Another clue that suggests more exciting snail racing could be on the horizon is a daily quest that allows players to ride a bigger snail through the Zaralek Cavern roads. During this quest, players receive periodic speed bonuses, creating a race-like experience in a mob-free environment. This not only adds a new dynamic to the gameplay but also provides a glimpse into what could be possible in future updates.

Lastly, the introduction of a new reputation faction called Glimmerog Racer further fuels speculation about possible racing-related content. It is possible that players may need to increase their reputation with Glimmerog Racer to unlock additional snail racing options, such as new tracks or snail breeds.

While these are only speculations at this point, the potential for snail racing in WoW to become even more exciting is certainly there. As players continue to explore and enjoy the current feature, they can look forward to the possibility of even more thrilling snail racing experiences in the future.

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