Guide to Optional Reagents in WoW Dragonflight

Guide to Optional Reagents in WoW Dragonflight | Simple Carry

We shall discuss optional reagents used in all professions in this book. What are they used for, how do you get them, and what else is involved? Please read the entire article because certain crafting materials are more powerful than set bonuses.

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The easiest way to conceptualize optional reagents is as modifiers that impart a unique quality to a crafting material. In addition to the necessary reagents, you can add this reagent during crafting or crafting order in a unique selection window. However, keep in mind that adding an optional reagent makes the process more challenging and could lower the product's quality.

Beginning with the simplest reagents—those that have an impact on the finished item's overall level—get let's to know the other reagents. You can find it as loot when you defeat Rare on the Dragon Isles, as a World Quest reward, as well as by taking out World Bosses and dungeon bosses in difficulty settings ranging from Normal to Mythic.

Optional Reagent Quality 1 Quality 2 Quality 3 Quality 4 Quality 5
Titan Training Matrix I 333 335 337 340 343
Titan Training Matrix II 346 348 350 353 356
Titan Training Matrix III 359 361 363 366 369
Titan Training Matrix IV 372 374 376 379 382

Similar-functioning reagents are available, although obtaining them from Mythic+ dungeons is significantly more challenging (the first one can be obtained from M+11 or higher up to +15, and the second from M+16 or above, one per run). They provide an item with the highest level, making them the most valuable.

Optional Reagent Quality 1 Quality 2 Quality 3 Quality 4 Quality 5
Primal Infusion 395 397 399 403 405
Concentrated Primal Infusion 408 410 412 415 418

Get the optional reagent to craft 405 ilvl gear!
Optional Crafting Reagents in Dragonflight


Reagents called embellishments give the finished product distinctive effects. All of these reagents are made by specific professions and are also bought and sold at auction.

Keep in mind that adding all of these ingredients makes the recipe more difficult, which could alter the dish's level. However, only the most basic, common chemicals are required for recrafting; you don't need to purchase any more embellishments.

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You can use these unique crafting supplies up until the Tier Set is finished. possibly even afterwards.


Item Slot Effect
Infurious Helm of Vengeance Head Infurious Vengeance
Allied Chestplate of Generosity Chest Rallied to Victory
Allied Wristguard of Companionship Wrist Allied Wristgaurds of Companionship
Unstable Frostfire Belt Waist Unstable Frostfire
Frostfire Legguards of Preparation Legs Prepared Time
Infurious Warboots of Impunity Feet Gladiator's Distinction


Item Slot Effect
Infurious Chainhelm Protector Head Basran's Tenacity
Scale Rein Grips Hands Set (2): Horizon Strider's Swiftness
Ancestor's Dew Drippers Shoulder Set (2): Horizon Strider's Swiftness
Wind Spirit's Lasso Waist Set (2): Horizon Strider's Swiftness
Allied Legguards of Sansok Khan Legs Rallied to Victory
Acidic Hailstone Treads

Infurious Boots of Reprieve

Venom-Steeped Stompers

Feet Deep Chill

Gladiator's Distinction

Potent Venom


Item Slot Effect
Toxic Thorn Footwraps Feet Thriving Thorns
String of Spiritual Knick-Knacks Waist Set (2): Magic Snowball
Snowball Makers Hands Set (2): Magic Snowball
Slimy Expulsion Boots Feet Coated in Slime
Old Spirit's Wristwraps Wrist Set (2): Magic Snowball
Infurious Spirit's Hood Head Elder Spirit's Aid
Infurious Footwraps of Indemnity Feet Gladiator's Distinction
Flaring Cowl Head Flaring Cowl
Allied Heartwarming Fur Coat Chest Rallied to Victory


Item Slot Effect
Infurious Legwraps of Possibility Chest Infurious Legwraps of Possibility
Infurious Binding of Gesticulation Waist Gladiator's Distinction
Hood of Surging Time Head Prepared Time
Chronocloth Sash Waist Set (2): Woven Chronocloth
Chronocloth Leggings Legs Set (2): Woven Chronocloth
Chronocloth Gloves Hands Set (2): Woven Chronocloth
Blue Dragon Soles Feet Blue Dragon Soles
Azureweave Slippers Feet Set (2): Azureweave Vestments
Azureweave Robe Chest Set (2): Azureweave Vestments
Azureweave Mantle Shoulder Set (2): Azureweave Vestments
Amice of the Blue Shoulder Amice of the Blue
Allied Wristguards of Time Dilation Wrist Rallied to Victory


Item Slot Effect
Elemental Lariat Neck Elemental Lariat
Choker of Shielding Neck Choker of Shielding


Item Slot Effect
Witherrot Tome Off-Hand Tome-Wrought Rot
Shield of the Hearth Shield Shield of the Hearth
Weathered Explorer's Stave Staff Weathered Explorer's Stave Proc


Only Profession Masters can utilize the Finishing Reagent, a brand-new Reagent type in the game. Although finishing reagents vary by vocation, they all work to boost a crafter's skill or stats. This allows you to either make more goods than you had anticipated or save other reagents.

Examples of some of these finishing reagents are as follows:

All reagents used in finishing have Crafting Quality. There are only three levels; the bonus increases with the end reagent's quality.

How did you manage your profession change? The system seems to be overly complex. If you still don't grasp something, consult the order table and our general reference to all vocations, which will help you deal with everything.

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