Dragonflight Beast Mastery Hunter DPS Guide

Beast Mastery Hunter Overview

The magnificent Beast Mastery Hunter specialization in Dragonflight realizes a distinct and well-defined class fantasy by ravaging its enemies with a variety of animal allies. Consider giving it a try if you're looking for a highly mobile ranged DPS with lots of utility and a compelling, pet-based class identity.

The mobility of the spec is arguably what draws most players to Beast Mastery. The only ranged DPS specialization in the game that has no limits whatsoever and can do 100% of its damage while moving is Beast Mastery (except for  Wailing Arrow). As a result, you can always perform mechanics or deal with whatever is happening without losing any damage, which is something no other ranged DPS can do. Beast Mastery Hunters are ideal for performing odd jobs and overcoming any mechanical difficulties that raids and dungeons may provide since they combine this mobility with a potent immunity in  Aspect of the Turtle, which is usually utilized to cheese mechanics.

Although being ranged, as a Beast Mastery Hunter, your pets, who must be within melee range of the target, do most of your damage. This pet damage is largely under your direct or indirect control as the Hunter, as opposed to occurring on its own. Beast Mastery Hunters can become excellent at solo content by using pets as tanks.

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Beast Mastery Hunter Talent Builds

For a more raid oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Raid talent build with the following loadout code: B0PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4AolWSAIEAAAAAAAAAAAaQQoJSCJkDkgmEpFSCJCJakEB

For a more Mythic+ oriented talent build, you can use the following talent loadout.

You can import the Mythic+ talent build with the following loadout code: B0PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA4ACaJAIEAAAAAAAAAAAaEpIhWOQkQiQSolQESCZBJRoRSE


Beast Mastery Hunter Stats

Your most crucial stat as a Beast Mastery Hunter is agility. This means that if you want more agility, you should nearly always choose higher item level gear, however you should always simulate your own set up to be sure. The same principle holds true for weapons, as weapon DPS is likewise a vital attribute that elevates weapon item level above the secondary stats the weapon offers. 

  • Weapon DPS >> Agility >> Haste = Mastery = Crit > Versatility
  • Critical Strike: In addition to extra damage, crit also interacts with the  Wild Call mechanic, which resets your  Barbed Shot cooldown. It also works with the  Piercing Fangs and  Improved Kill Shot talents. All of your pets inherit your crit chance.
  • Haste: Haste increases your passive focus regeneration and reduces the cooldown of  Barbed Shot and  Kill Command. It also increases your auto attack speed (which means more  Wild Call procs). Finally, Haste reduces the global cooldown time. The more Haste you have, the smoother the rotation will be. All of your pets inherit your Haste for their attack speed.
  • Mastery: A simple damage increase to all of your pets (including talents that summon any kind of beast, like  A Murder of Crows and  Dire Beast). This also includes AoE damage that comes from your pets such as  Stomp and  Beast Cleave.
  • Versatility: Increases all damage, and reduces damage taken. This has increased value when using traits and trinkets that deal direct damage.

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Best Beast Mastery Hunter Consumables

Best Beast Mastery Hunter Enchants

Below is a list of the recommended enchants to use on your Beast Mastery Hunter gear in Dragonflight.

Slot Best Enchant Cheaper Version
Weapon  High Intensity Thermal Scanner N/A
Cloak  Graceful Avoidance  Writ of Avoidance
Chest  Waking Stats N/A
Bracers  Devotion of Avoidance  Writ of Avoidance
Legs  Fierce Armor Kit  Reinforced Armor Kit
Boots  Watcher's Loam N/A
Ring  Devotion of Critical Strike /
 Devotion of Mastery /  Devotion of Haste
 Writ of Critical Strike /  Writ of Mastery /  Writ of Haste


Beast Mastery Hunter Phials

Note that in a Mythic+, you'd ideally swap between  Phial of Glacial Fury and  Phial of Tepid Versatility when you're doing trash and bosses respectively. This could however end up being quite expensive so only do it if you feel it's worth the gold cost.

Beast Mastery Hunter Combat Potions

Best Options:  Fleeting Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power (From a  Potion Cauldron of Ultimate Power) or  Elemental Potion of Ultimate Power.

Beast Mastery Hunter Weapon Buff

You want to be using  Completely Safe Rockets in all situations.

Best Beast Mastery Hunter Food

Best Beast Mastery Hunter Gems


Beast Mastery Hunter Rotation Priority

Beast Mastery Hunter Opener

The goal of this opener is to quickly gain stacks of  Frenzy, while getting your main cooldowns out. If you get early  Barbed Shot procs from  Wild Call you main use this to stack  Frenzy quicker. Other talent choices you might consider would simply be cast after the end of this opener. Racial Cooldowns may be cast with  Bestial Wrath

  1. Use  Wailing Arrow 1.5 seconds before pull if talented.
  2. Use  Barbed Shot, again.
  3. Follow your normal priority.

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Beast Mastery Hunter Single-Target Rotation and Priority

  1. Use  Barbed Shot in order to maintain  Frenzy if it has less than 1.5 seconds remaining,  Bestial Wrath is coming off cooldown in less than 20 seconds, or if you are about to reach 2 charges of it.
  2. Use  Kill Command if you are about to reach 2 charges of it. During  Dire Pack, this will result in you spamming the ability.
  3. Use  Barbed Shot if you are less than 6 seconds away from reaching 2 charges.
  4. Use  Kill Shot if the target is below 20% hp.

Beast Mastery Hunter Multi-Target Rotation and Priority

This rotation does not fundementally change from single-target. You are still maintaining  Frenzy while maximizing the use of your various abilities. You are additionally using  Multi-Shot to maintain  Beast Cleave at a similarly high priority to  Frenzy.

  1. Use  Barbed Shot in order to maintain  Frenzy if it has less than 1.5 seconds remaining or if you are about to reach 2 charges of it, or  Bestial Wrath is coming off cooldown in less than 20 seconds. Prioritize targets without  Barbed Shot.
  2. Use  Multi-Shot in order to maintain  Beast Cleave if it has less than 1.5 seconds remaining.
  3. Use  Kill Command if you are about to reach 2 charges of it.
  4. Use  Barbed Shot if you are less than 8 seconds away from reaching 2 charges. Prioritize targets without  Barbed Shot.
  5. Use  Kill Shot if the target is below 20% hp.
  6. Use  Cobra Shot if you are close to capping focus.
  7. Use  Wailing Arrow if  Frenzy would not drop during its cast.

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