How to Obtain the Tyaitya Mount in FFXIV

How To Get Tyaitya Mount in FFXIV | Simple Carry


Mounts are a beloved feature among Final Fantasy XIV players, and the Dawntrail expansion brings even more to collect and showcase. If you're eager to add the Tyaitya Mount to your collection but aren't sure where to start, we've got you covered.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about obtaining the Tyaitya Mount in Final Fantasy XIV. From where to find it to the steps required for acquisition, our guide will ensure you can proudly ride your new mount in no time. Stay tuned to learn all the details and tips you need for this exciting journey!

The latest expansion for Final Fantasy XIV, Dawntrail, released on June 28th, brings a wealth of new content, including the exciting addition of the Ty'aitya Mount. This unique mount, modeled after a charming Sugar Glider, is the first of its kind to be introduced in FFXIV. For players eager to add this adorable creature to their collection, here’s a detailed guide on how to obtain the Ty'aitya Mount.

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How To Get Tyaitya Mount in FFXIV

How To Get Tyaitya Mount in FFXIV | Simple Carry


Mounts in Final Fantasy XIV are more than just a means of transportation; they are a status symbol, a representation of a player’s dedication, and often a showpiece for some of the most beautifully designed creatures in the game. The Ty'aitya Mount, with its adorable Sugar Glider appearance, is no exception. As the first Sugar Glider mount in FFXIV, it has quickly become a coveted item among players.

Steps to Obtain the Ty'aitya Mount

Step 1: Complete Dawntrail FATEs

To begin your journey towards acquiring the Ty'aitya Mount, you must participate in and complete FATEs (Full Active Time Events) in the Dawntrail expansion areas. These events are dynamic public quests that require player cooperation to defeat enemies, collect items, or achieve specific objectives.

Step 2: Earn Bicolor Gemstones

Upon successful completion of these FATEs, you will be rewarded with Bicolor Gemstones. These gemstones are a form of currency introduced in the Dawntrail expansion, and they play a crucial role in obtaining the Ty'aitya Mount.

Step 3: Exchange Gemstones for Vouchers

Once you have accumulated a sufficient number of Bicolor Gemstones, you will need to exchange them for Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers. These vouchers act as tokens that can be used to purchase various items, including the Ty'aitya Mount.

Step 4: Purchase the Ty'aitya Mount

With enough Bicolor Gemstone Vouchers in hand, head to the designated vendor in one of the Dawntrail expansion areas. Here, you can exchange your vouchers for the highly sought-after Ty'aitya Mount. Make sure you have gathered the required number of vouchers, as this will be the final step in your quest to ride the Sugar Glider.

Tips for Efficiently Collecting Bicolor Gemstones

  1. Join a Party: FATEs are more manageable and faster to complete when done in a group. Join a party to maximize your efficiency and gather Bicolor Gemstones more quickly.

  2. Track FATEs: Keep an eye on the in-game map to track active FATEs. Prioritize those that offer higher gemstone rewards or are close to completion.

  3. Coordinate with Friends: Playing with friends or free company members can enhance the experience and provide additional support during challenging FATEs.

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Final Thoughts

The Ty'aitya Mount is a delightful addition to Final Fantasy XIV's already impressive roster of mounts. With its release in the Dawntrail expansion, players now have the opportunity to showcase a unique and adorable Sugar Glider as they traverse the vibrant landscapes of Eorzea. By following the steps outlined in this guide and efficiently collecting Bicolor Gemstones, you’ll soon be able to enjoy the thrill of riding your very own Ty'aitya Mount. Happy adventuring!

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