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Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry


The Twisting Blades build is ideal for fast leveling and endgame activities in Diablo 4. This setup is perfect for players who enjoy quick movements, rapid attacks, and stealthy gameplay. Our Twisting Blades build, featuring Puncture and Shadow Imbuement, offers complete versatility and adaptability to various play styles.

With this build, you can effortlessly clear mobs and bosses alike, thanks to its powerful synergy between skills and abilities. Whether you're just starting out or looking to dominate the endgame content, the Twisting Blades build ensures a smooth and efficient progression. By making minor adjustments, you can seamlessly transition this build from early leveling to midgame and eventually to endgame challenges, making it an indispensable choice for any Rogue player in Diablo 4. For those aiming to master Diablo 4, our Diablo 4 Rogue build product page provides all the details you need to excel. Explore how the Twisting Blades build can transform your gameplay and lead you to victory from early levels to the toughest endgame content.

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Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Gameplay

Starting as a Rogue in Diablo 4 can be challenging due to the class's heavy reliance on ability synergy and the initial lack of skill points. However, the Twisting Blades build is perfect for fast leveling, effortlessly eliminating elites in a single shot, and swiftly slaying entire packs of demons. This build requires a playstyle that is quick, stealthy, and demands precise positioning.

This build utilizes insidious attacks and debuffs through Puncture and Twisting Blades skills, leaving your enemies slowed and vulnerable. Shadow Imbuement, though less powerful than the Necromancer’s Corpse Explosion, works in combination with Twisting Blades to infect enemies, causing them to explode upon death and deal 40% of your normal damage to nearby foes.

The Rogue in Diablo 4 features three unique specializations:

  • Combo Points: Each Basic attack generates combo points, and each Core attack consumes these points to deal increased damage (available after level 15).
  • Inner Sight: Marks an enemy and fills a special gauge. Once full, you gain free access to all your main skills for 4 seconds, providing unlimited skill points.
  • Preparation: Becomes available at level 30.

The synergy and features of the Rogue’s unique mechanics are integral to maximizing the potential of the Twisting Blades build, making it a top choice for any Rogue player in Diablo 4.

Twisting Blades Rogue Pros and Cons


  • Great AoE: Excellent area-of-effect damage for clearing groups of enemies.
  • High Damage: Significant damage output even from basic skills.
  • Fast Leveling: Efficient for quick progression through levels.


  • Lack of Skill Points: Initially, skill points are scarce due to class-specific limitations.
  • High Skill Requirement: Demands precise control and skillful play.
  • Vulnerability: Limited defensive skills make the Rogue susceptible to damage.

Despite the limited defensive skills, you can effectively mitigate this weakness with dodging tactics, quick movement, and strategic positioning.

Alternatively, you can focus more on the Shadow aspect of the Rogue, creating a build around skills like Shadow Clone, Dash, and Smoke Grenade for a different but equally effective playstyle.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Build Skills

Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry
Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry
Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry
Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry


Skill How it works Cluster


Throw blades a short distance, dealing 21% damage. Every third cast Slows enemies by 20% for 2 seconds. Crits will always Slow. Basic Skill
Enhanced Puncture Gain 2 Energy when Puncture damages a Crowd Controlled Enemy. Basic Skill


Impale an enemy, dealing 57% damage and making them take 8% increased damage while impaled. After 1.5 seconds the blades return to you, piercing enemies for 74% damage. Core Skill
Fundamental Puncture Puncture now throws 3 blades in a spread, each dealing 35% of its Base damage. Hitting an enemy with at least 2 blades at once makes them Vulnerable for 2 seconds. Basic Skill
Enhanced Twisting Blades Twisting Blades deals 30% increased damage when returning. Core Skill
Improved Twisting Blades Enemies are immobilized and impaled with Twisting Blades. Core Skill


Dash forward and slash enemies for 37% damage. Agility Skill


Become Unstoppable and quickly move through the shadows to stab your victim from behind for 91% damage. Gain 50% increased Movement Speed for 2 seconds afterwards. Agility Skill


Vanish from sight, gaining an advanced form of Stealth for 4 seconds that will not be removed by taking damage. Concealment also makes you Unstoppable, grants 25% Movement Speed, and allows you to move freely through enemies for its duration. Using an attack Skill during Concealment will break Concealment. Subterfuge Skill
Enhanced Stealth You gain 40 Energy when you enter Concealment. Subterfuge Skill
Countering Stealth The Skill that breaks Concealment will always be a guaranteed Critical Strike. Subterfuge Skill
Enhanced Shadow Step Damaging an enemy with Shadow Step increases your crit chance against them by 8% for 3 seconds. Agility Skill


Imbue your weapons with festering shadows. Your next 2 Imbueable Skills deal Shadow damage and infect enemies that explode for up 6 seconds. Infected enemies explode on death, dealing 40% damage to all surrounding enemies. If the infection expires before the enemy dies, it will deal 40% damage to only that enemy. Imbuement Skill
Enhanced Shadow Imbuement You have 25% increased Critical Strike Chance against Injured enemies infected by Shadow Imbuement. Imbuement Skill
Mixed Shadow Imbuement Enemies damaged by Shadow Imbuement Skills take 12% increased Non-Physical damage from you for 8 seconds. Imbuement Skill


Shadow damage has up to a 10% chance to Stun for 0.5 seconds. Imbuement Skill
Consuming Shadows Each time you kill an enemy with Shadow Damage, you generate 10 Energy. Imbuement Skill
Methodical Shadow Step Enemies damaged by Shadow Step are stunned for 2 seconds. Agility Skill


While moving, you gain 5% increased Energy Regeneration. Ultimate Skill
Haste While at or above 50% maximum Energy, gain 5% increased Movement Speed. While below 50% maximum Energy, gain 5% increased Attack Speed. Ultimate Skill


After Knocking Back or Knocking Down an enemy, you gain 5% increased Critical Strike Chance against them for 3 seconds. Agility Skill
Trick Attacks When you crit a Dazed enemy, they are Knocked Down for 0.5 seconds. Agility Skill


Damaging a Close enemy with Marksman or Cutthroat Skills each grant a 10% Attack Speed bonus for 8 seconds. While both Attack Speed bonuses are active, you deal 20% increased damage against Crowd Controlled enemies. Key Passive


Critically Striking an enemy grants 5% Movement Speed for 4 seconds. Core Skill


You deal 6% increased damage to Healthy and Injured enemies. Subterfuge Skill
Malice You deal 3% increased damage to Vulnerable enemies. Subterfuge Skill


Using a Cooldown increases your Dodge Chance by 3% for 2 seconds. Subterfuge Skill


You gain 4% of Close Damage Reduction. Heal for 1% of your Maximum Life when you crit Close enemies. Core Skill
Siphoning Strikes Heal for 1% of your Maximum Life when you Critically Strike Close enemies. Core Skill


Imbued Skills gain 5% increased Critical Strike Chance. Imbuement Skill
Impetus After moving 15 meters, your next attack deals 7% increased damage. Ultimate Skill


Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Build Attributes

When optimizing your Rogue for the Twisting Blades build in Diablo 4, focusing on the right attributes is crucial. Here’s what you need to prioritize:

Main Stat Secondary Stat
Dexterity enhances Skill Damage by 0.1% and the Chance to Dodge attacks by 0.025% per point Willpower increases Resource Generation (0.1% for 1), Healing Received by 0.1% and Overpower Damage (0,25%)
Strength raises Armor by 1 per point
Intelligence increases All Resistances by 0.05%


By focusing on these attributes, you will ensure that your Twisting Blades Rogue build remains powerful and effective throughout your journey in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Build Equipment

Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry

When gearing up your Twisting Blades Rogue in Diablo 4, selecting the right equipment is vital for optimizing your performance. Here’s a detailed guide on what to prioritize.

Twisting Blades Gear Guide

General Tips

  • Rare Items: Always collect Rare items as you can upgrade them later during your leveling progression.
  • Legendary Items: Pay close attention to Legendary items with beneficial aspects. These can be used to enhance your Rare items for better performance.

Weapon Choices

  • Ranged Weapons: Prioritize crossbows over other ranged weapons based on their affixes rather than DPS.
  • Melee Weapons: Swords generally offer better damage than daggers, so prefer them unless you find a Unique Dagger with exceptional bonuses.

Key Stat Affixes to Prioritize

  1. DPS Value on One-Handed Weapons
  2. Rank of Twisting Blades
  3. All Damage
  4. Damage to Close, Dazed, Stunned, Healthy, and Crowd Controlled Enemies
  5. Dual-Wielded Weapons Damage
  6. Core and Cutthroat Skills
  7. Damage While Healthy
  8. Vulnerable Damage
  9. Critical Strike Chance and Damage
  10. Attack Speed and Basic Skill Attack Speed
  11. Dexterity
  12. Damage Reduction
  13. Elemental Resistances
  14. Dodge Chance
  15. Crowd Control Duration
  16. Cooldown Reduction
  17. Movement Speed
  18. Life and Healing Received

By focusing on these gear tips and stat affixes, you will optimize your Twisting Blades Rogue build for maximum efficiency and performance throughout your Diablo 4 adventure.

Best Unique Items for Twisting Blades Rogue

Rogues have several Unique item options, but they are not essential for the best Twisting Blades build. However, one item to prioritize is the Condemnation Unique Dagger.


Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry

The Condemnation dagger is highly effective due to its interaction with Combo Points, a mechanic unlocked through the Rogue Class. This dagger enhances both the generation and damage of Combo Points. Importantly, strikes with the dagger are not required to activate its benefits.

Benefits of Condemnation:

  • Increased Combo Points Generation: Boosts the efficiency of generating Combo Points.
  • Improved Combo Points Damage: Enhances the damage output of attacks using Combo Points.
  • Basic Skill Attack Speed: Increases the speed of your basic attacks.
  • Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies: Raises the likelihood of critical hits on injured foes.
  • Dual-Wielded Weapons Damage: Amplifies the damage when using dual-wielded weapons.
  • Core Skill Damage: Increases the damage of core skills, enhancing overall effectiveness.

By incorporating Condemnation into your gear, you will significantly improve your Twisting Blades Rogue build, ensuring a well-rounded boost to your abilities and overall performance.

Elixirs and Health Potions


At the Alchemist, you can craft Elixirs that boost your stats and experience gain for 30 minutes. Here are the key elixirs to prioritize:

  • Resistance Elixirs: These provide valuable resistances to various elements, enhancing your survivability.
  • Assault Elixir: This increases your Attack Speed by 7%, significantly boosting your damage output.

Health Potions

Always ensure you have ample healing potions for survival. It's crucial to visit the Alchemist to upgrade your potions at the following levels:

  • Level 10
  • Level 20
  • Level 30
  • Level 45
  • Level 60

These upgrades are essential to maintaining your effectiveness and resilience throughout your journey. Regularly upgrading your health potions will ensure you have the necessary healing capacity to survive tougher battles as you progress.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Build Gems

For the Twisting Blades Rogue build, you'll want to socket the following Gems into your gear for optimal performance:


  • Emerald: Increases Critical Strike Damage to Vulnerable Enemies, enhancing your damage output against weakened foes.


  • Topaz: Provides a 10% Damage Reduction while Control Impaired, improving your survivability in challenging situations.


  • Skull: Grants +250 Armor, significantly boosting your defense and overall resilience.

By carefully selecting and socketing these Gems, you will maximize the effectiveness of your Twisting Blades Rogue build, ensuring both high damage and improved durability.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Aspects

Here are the key Aspects to prioritize for your Twisting Blades Rogue build. Imprint these onto your items to maximize your build's effectiveness:

Aspect Legendary Aspect Power Where to get
Bladedancer Twisting Blades orbit for a short time after they return to you, dealing #% of Twisting Blades’ return damage per hit. Based on the distance the blades returned, the orbit damage increases up to #% of the return damage. Jalal’s Virgil, Scosglen
Edgemaster Skills deal up to #%[x] increased damage based on your available Primary Resource when cast, receiving the maximum benefit while you have full Primary Resource. Oldstones, Scosglen
Expectant Attacking enemies with a Basic Skill increases the damage of your next Core Skill cast by #%[x], up to 30%[x]. Underroot, Scosglen
Retribution Distant enemies have a #% chance to be Stunned for # seconds when they hit you. You deal #%[x] increased damage to Stunned enemies. Abandoned Mineworks, Kehjistan
Ravager Shadow Step has an additional Charge. Killing an enemy with Shadow Step refunds a Charge and increases the damage of Shadow Step by #%[x] for 2 seconds, up to #%[x]. Random Drop
Might Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction for # seconds. Dark Ravine, Dry Steppes
Rapid Basic Skills gain #%[+] Attack Speed. Buried Halls, Dry Steppes
Unstable Imbuements When casting an Imbuement Skill you trigger an Imbued explosion around yourself, applying the Imbuement effects and dealing # damage of the same type. Whispering Vault, Dry Steppes
Wind Striker Critical Strikes grant #%[+] Movement Speed for 1 seconds, up to 6 seconds. Shivta Ruins, Kehjistan
Corruption Your Imbuement Skill effects have a #%[x] increased potency against Vulnerable enemies. Renegade’s Retreat, Kehjistan


Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Paragon Boards

Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry
Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry
Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry
Diablo 4 Beset Rogue Build | Simple Carry


Upon reaching level 50 in Diablo 4, you will unlock the Paragon Board leveling, which offers significant enhancements for your Twisting Blades Rogue build. Follow these principles similar to your talent progression for optimal benefits:

Paragon Board Principles

  1. Magic Nodes: These nodes provide minor stat boosts. Prioritize nodes that increase Dexterity, Critical Strike Chance, and Attack Speed to align with your build’s core strengths.

  2. Rare Glyphs: These offer more substantial benefits. Seek out glyphs that enhance Twisting Blades' damage, improve your survivability, or boost your critical strike damage.

  3. Legendary Nodes: These nodes provide the most significant bonuses. Prioritize Legendary Nodes that:

    • Increase damage output of your core skills.
    • Improve your defensive capabilities.
    • Provide unique bonuses that synergize with Twisting Blades and your overall playstyle.

Key Nodes to Prioritize

  • Twisting Blades Damage: Look for nodes that specifically boost the damage of Twisting Blades.
  • Critical Strike Damage: Nodes that enhance your critical strike damage will significantly increase your overall DPS.
  • Damage Reduction: Nodes that offer damage reduction will improve your survivability, allowing you to stay in the fight longer.
  • Attack Speed: Increased attack speed will enable you to deal more damage over time and make your gameplay smoother.

When working towards Glyph Sockets and Legendary Nodes, it’s important to prioritize Damage, Dexterity, Resistance, and Life for Normal and Magic Nodes.

Here are the Legendary Nodes recommended for the Twisting Blades Rogue build:

Name Effect
Tricks of the Trade Your Marksman Skills grant your next Cutthroat Skill 25% increased damage. Your Cutthroat Skills grant your next Marksman Skill 25% increased damage.
Exploit Weakness Whenever you deal damage to a Vulnerable enemy, they take 1% increased damage from you for 6 seconds, up to 15%.
No Witnesses Your Ultimate Skills deal 30% increased damage and grant you 10% increased damage for 20 seconds when cast.


Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Paragon Boards Distribution

Here’s a detailed guide on distributing your Paragon points for the Twisting Blades Rogue build. This distribution focuses on optimizing your stats and taking advantage of Rare and Legendary Nodes for maximum effectiveness.

Starting Board

  1. Closer Rare Glyph: Increase your close combat effectiveness.
  2. Lawless Rare Glyph: Enhance your damage output.
  3. Skillful Rare Glyph: Improve your skill efficiency.
  4. Resilience Rare Glyph: Boost your survivability.
  5. Tricks of the Trade Rare Node: Gain unique bonuses for the Rogue class.

Tricks of the Trade (2nd Board)

  1. Brawler Rare Glyph: Increase your melee combat proficiency.
  2. Tricks of the Trade Rare Node: Further enhance your Rogue-specific abilities.
  3. Shadow Resilience Rare Glyph: Boost your resistance to shadow damage.
  4. Lawless Rare Glyph: Continue enhancing your damage output.
  5. Chip Rare Glyph: Improve your durability and resilience.
  6. Focused Rare Glyph: Increase your focus and precision in combat.
  7. Havoc Rare Glyph: Boost your overall damage potential.
  8. Exploit Weakness Rare Node: Take advantage of enemy vulnerabilities.

Exploit Weakness (3rd Board)

  1. Unassailable: Increase your defense and survivability.
  2. Exploit Weakness Rare Node: Further capitalize on enemy weaknesses.
  3. Exploit: Enhance your ability to exploit enemy vulnerabilities.
  4. Combat: Improve your overall combat abilities.
  5. Artifice: Boost your effectiveness with traps and tricks.
  6. Dosage: Enhance your potion effects and healing.
  7. Cold Resilience: Increase your resistance to cold damage.
  8. Hunter Killer: Improve your effectiveness against elite enemies.
  9. No Witnesses Rare Node: Gain additional bonuses when enemies are not alerted.

No Witnesses (4th Board)

  1. Ruin: Increase your destructive power.
  2. Exploit: Further enhance your ability to take advantage of enemy weaknesses.
  3. Training: Improve your overall combat training and efficiency.
  4. Knowledge: Increase your knowledge and understanding of combat techniques.

General Tips

  • Magic Nodes: Distribute points around Magic Nodes to increase your core stats, such as Dexterity, Critical Strike Chance, and Attack Speed.
  • Additional Bonuses: Focus on nodes that provide additional bonuses to your Twisting Blades build, ensuring you maximize your damage output and survivability.

By following this Paragon Board distribution, you will create a well-rounded and powerful Twisting Blades Rogue, capable of handling the toughest challenges Diablo 4 has to offer.

Diablo 4 Twisting Blades Rogue Glyphs

As you level up your Glyphs, their radius will increase, allowing you to meet Additional Bonus requirements more easily. Initially, if you can't meet these requirements, it's okay to skip allocating extra nodes until you can. Here are the Rare Glyphs recommended for the Twisting Blades Rogue build:


Name Effect
Closer • For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, Cutthroat Skills deal +2% increased damage.
• Additional Bonus (requires 40 Dexterity purchased in radius range):
While wielding a Melee weapon, you take 10% reduced damage.
Chip • For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, you deal +2% increased Physical damage.
• Additional Bonus (requires 40 Dexterity purchased in radius range):
Physical damage increases the damage an enemy takes from you by 1%, up to 10%, for 15 seconds.
Combat • For every 5 Intelligence purchased within range, Core Skills deal +4% increased Critical Strike Damage.
• Additional Bonus (requires 40 Intelligence purchased in radius range):
Skills that Critically Strike restore 12% of their Energy cost.
Exploit • For every 5 Strength purchased within range, you deal + [3.85%] increased damage to Vulnerable targets.
• Additional Bonus (requires 25 Strength purchased in radius range):
When an enemy is damaged by you, they become Vulnerable for 3 seconds. This cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds per enemy.


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Well, that’s all you need to know about the Twisting Blades Rogue build to make your enemies suffer in Diablo 4. We’ll keep adding information to this guide as we get it, but in the meantime, you can check out our Diablo 4 Boosting Service for additional support and to enhance your gameplay experience.

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